The Abingdon Fire Company is proud to offer members of  our communities the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED/First Aid Class.  Pre-registration IS required. There is a cost of $20 for First Aid Classes and $20 for CPR Classes that covers the expense of completion cards, pocket face-masks. Student texts will also be available for purchase.

To find out when the next class is please contact:
Charlie Kranz


Classes are held at the Abingdon Road Fire Station:
3306 Abingdon Rd.
Abingdon, MD 21009

For additional information and registration, please contact:
Charlie Kranz


Healthcare Provider classes are also open to the public if needed. Please contact Charlie Kranz for more information and class dates.

Here are some Facts and FAQs from the American Heart Association



What is CPR?
CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. It is a procedure used to revive or resuscitate a person in cardiac or respiratory arrest.

What is a Community CPR Program?
Community CPR programs are organized to train as many persons as possible within a community in CPR. The higher the percentage of the population trained in CPR, the lower the death rate from heart attack.

Who Can Perform CPR?
Anyone. The procedure is easy to learn and simple to perform.

Who Needs CPR?
An unconscious person who is not breathing and has no pulse needs CPR. A person who is not breathing but has a pulse needs rescue breathing.

Why Should I Learn CPR?
Because you can make a difference! Cardiac arrest may be caused by a variety of diseases, illnesses, and injuries. Statistics show that 61% of those individuals who suffer cardiac arrest are revived if CPR is begun within the first minute following arrest. If you are present at the scene of a heart attack, accident, or drowning and know CPR, you can save a life.

How Can I Learn CPR?
Abingdon Fire Company will work with you to enroll you in a CPR class or to set up a class for your neighborhood, club, church, office, or school group. Anyone over the age of 12 can participate in a CPR class.

What Does Learning CPR Involve?
There are several levels of CPR training. HeartSaver is the most basic of CPR certifications, and includes choking, rescue breathing and one-person CPR. Healthcare Provider CPR covers rescue breathing, choking, two-person CPR, and infant resuscitation.